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The Bing Spatial Data Services Excel Add-in makes it easy to manage location based information for Bing Maps directly in Excel.

  • Import CSV, Pipe, tab and XML formatted data sources
  • Export Excel sheet as Bing spatial Data Source in CSV, Pipe, tab and XML format
  • Batch geocode directly in Excel
  • Upload Data Source directly from Excel
  • Store data source information; name, entity type, master/query keys in workbook to save time when uploading
  • Validate Data Source (verify that it is properly formatted)
  • Load a basic data source template
  • Manage data sources by loading all data sources for an account
    • Delete
    • Change public setting
    • Get Query URL
    • Download Data Source (downloads it into an Excel Workbook)
  • Manage Dataflow Jobs and view details of each job.
  • Links to common resources

Note that the Bing Spatial Data Services has limits on the number of jobs that can be run against this service in a 24 hours period by a single Bing Maps account. Documentation on this can be found here.

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